How Can I Help My Kids Eat Healthier?

It is important to teach children healthy eating habits that carry them into adulthood. Rates of childhood obesity are rising, and this, unfortunately, leads to more diseases and sicknesses.

Our team at AFC Urgent Care Ooltewah is passionate about keeping your family healthy, and we’d like to encourage your family to eat healthier! Read on as we explore some creative ways to help your children eat better and improve their overall health.

What Are Creative Ways to Make Regular Favorites Healthier?

Kids can definitely be picky eaters, but there are some ways to tweak favorite recipes to make them more kid-friendly.

Your kids may not even question these healthy changes and will perhaps even learn to appreciate them!

Ways to Make Favorite Meals Better for Your Family

  • On pizza nights, give everyone a serving of salad or carrots on the side.
  • Buy plain oatmeal and cereals and flavor them with healthy nuts, fruits and spices.
  • Sneak veggies into pastas.
  • Make homemade fries instead of having potato chips.
  • Eat less fast food. Try recreating fast-food favorites at home where you have more control over quality and ingredients.
  • Make ice cream and desserts special by not eating them every day. Try baking together as a family so the result is even more rewarding for your children.

What Are Some Healthy Snacks That Kids Will Eat?

Kids may be adamant about which snacks they will eat, but oftentimes, if you can convince children to try it once, they will like it for a long time.

Instead of serving up plain fruits and veggies, there are some ways to make healthy snacks appealing to your kids. Below are a few suggestions.

Some Tasty, Healthy Snacks

  • Sliced apples with peanut butter
  • Precut fruits like bananas and berries
  • Yogurt
  • “Ants on a log” (celery with nut butter and raisins)
  • Trail mix
  • Veggies dipped in hummus
  • Smoothies with hidden fruits and veggies

Our team at AFC Urgent Care Ooltewah is here to make sure your family stays healthy this season. If you do end up feeling under the weather, walk in to see us today!