It’s finally the holiday season once more, and we aren’t complaining! We love all of the community events in the Ooltewah area, the increased time spent with family and friends and celebrating the holidays that are near and dear to our hearts. Naturally, we all want to avoid getting sick at this time of year so as to not miss out on all the fun. However, illnesses are always lurking around during the fall and winter season that could make you really sick. Read on →

Diagnosing yourself can always be a little tricky, especially at this time of year. Many different infections share similar symptoms, so having a cough or body aches doesn’t automatically mean that you have a cold or the flu. It could also mean RSV, or respiratory syncytial virus, which can be a serious upper respiratory infection. RSV causes thousands of hospitalizations every winter season across the country, so knowing what to look for and taking action quickly is crucial. Read on →

Being healthy is one of the greatest gifts in life. Taking care of your body and mind will pay off in a big way as your immune system and general wellness help you avoid illness and stay healthy. However, infections and other illnesses often have minds of their own and can’t entirely be prevented. Even if you are an otherwise healthy person, influenza can sneak up on you and cause you to become really sick in a short amount of time. Read on →

The dreaded sore throat can be one of the more frustrating symptoms of illness. While sometimes a simple drink of water can help ease the pain, other times it’s only the beginning of a frustrating infection that lingers for days. Unfortunately, a sore throat is a common symptom across many different illnesses, so it can be hard to diagnose yourself at home. Our AFC Urgent Care Ooltewah team is here to help! Read on →

It’s that time of year again when fall and winter illnesses rear their ugly heads. We all know that colds and the flu start to pop up more as the seasons progress, and we have to start including COVID-19 into the mix as well. COVID-19 cases are rising right now, and we expect to see more cases again as more people head inside when the temperatures start to cool off. Read on →

Getting older is a blessing, but that doesn’t mean it is an easy thing to experience. Certain things become more difficult as we age, and falling at home becomes more of a concern. If you fall as a child or young adult, chances are you will be able to bounce back up with nothing more than a bruise and some residual pain. When you are older, the risk of severe injury or a dangerous situation becomes more commonplace. Read on →

If you have an addictive habit, you know how hard it can be to quit or take steps to reduce the habit in your daily life. Smoking is one of those addictions that can become a lifelong habit easily, and it can be really hard to give up. We understand that, but we also understand how harmful it is for your body, and we will always advocate for quitting the habit for good. Read on →

Feeling sick can involve a lot of different symptoms that can be frustrating and often confusing, especially if you don’t know what is causing it. Thankfully, there are many different diagnostic tools available today that can help pinpoint specific illnesses in a matter of minutes. One of those reliable diagnostic tools is a full-service lab! We can run a wide variety of test right here in our center that can diagnose you faster and more reliably. Read on →

Getting bitten or stung by bugs is never a fun experience, and we certainly are seeing many more bugs and creepy-crawlies out and about lately because of this time of year. While most bugs are minor nuisances and aren’t dangerous, some of them can cause uncomfortable symptoms or even serious allergic reactions. Read on as our AFC Urgent Care Ooltewah team explains more about the bugs we typically come into contact with in the summer and what to do about them. Read on →

Taking care of yourself includes taking care of your entire body. You know yourself best, so if you start to recognize symptoms that you aren’t familiar with, it may indicate the need to get tested for a variety of conditions. STDs are incredibly common in the United States and actually affect up to one in five people in any given year. Those are high odds, so you might find yourself in a position where you are wondering if you need to be tested this year. Read on →