Is It Too Late to Hit My Health Goals for This Year?

No! While more than half of 2020 has now passed by, there’s still plenty of time left in the year to hit your health goals.

Mid-year provides the perfect opportunity to revisit your resolutions and see what still needs to be improved. Never even got your resolutions off the ground? Our team at AFC Urgent Care Ooltewah wants to provide some tips on how to step toward a healthier you!

Why Are Healthy Lifestyle Habits Important?

If you’ve ever read the risk factors for a medical condition, you likely saw “being overweight or obese,” “having a sedentary lifestyle” and “having a poor diet” among the factors. So, it only makes sense that doing the opposite of those things by practicing healthy habits would benefit your health!

Practicing healthy lifestyle habits can help you look and feel at your best, but it can also lower your risk of developing serious health issues and keep your physical and mental health strong.

Healthy Lifestyle Basics

  • Exercise for at least 30 minutes most days.
  • Eat a balanced diet filled with fruit and vegetables.
  • Get to a healthy weight, as advised by your doctor.
  • Don’t smoke.
  • Get between seven and nine hours of sleep each night.
  • Find healthy ways to manage stress.

How Can I Improve My Diet?

Healthy eating habits play a big part in a healthy lifestyle. But what exactly does healthy eating mean?

Fill half your plate with fruits and vegetables, then supplement with lean protein and whole grains. Include a moderate amount of healthy fats in your diet, too; those are found in olives, nuts and fatty fish.

Other Healthy Eating Basics

  • Limit your intake of saturated fat, excess sodium and added sugars.
  • Choose lean proteins such as chicken or fish.
  • Eat fatty fish, such as salmon or tuna, twice per week.
  • Prepare meats by broiling, baking or grilling, rather than frying.
  • Choose whole grains such as whole-wheat bread or brown rice.

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