Tackle Black Friday Like a Boss! | Ooltewah, TN Walk-In Clinic

Did you know that Black Friday isn’t just an American holiday but an international one as well? Which translates into a lot of people going after those deals in preparation of the Christmas season. Our team at AFC Urgent Care Ooltewah wants to help you stay healthy and fit to tackle Black Friday shopping like a boss!

Ready … Set … Shop!

Before you head out in the early hours of Friday morning (or possibly even Thanksgiving night), it’s important to have a plan in place for how you are going to spend the day.

Go ahead and find the deals that you definitely want to take advantage of during Black Friday. Then, plan your route according to priority as well as opening hours of each store.

Remember, Black Friday usually benefits those people who are shopping for electronics. Usually everything else can be found during December, so focus on the really hot item buys this Black Friday, like televisions, iPads, gaming systems, etc. Most everything else like clothes, shoes, bedding, etc., can wait until Cyber Monday and after.

And if you don’t feel like getting out of your pjs, then don’t! Many of the deals happening in the stores are also occurring online. So if going out in the mess of Black Friday is not really what you consider fun, then just stay at home and shop online!

Plan Ahead

In order to tackle the day, you’re going to need your health. Therefore, it’s important to start practicing good, healthy habits today.

Continue to eat a healthy breakfast each and every morning. Breakfast can be anything from a berry and yogurt smoothie to avocado on a whole-wheat muffin.

Also, you want to be sure you’re getting at least 30-minutes of exercise a day. Take a walk or bike ride around Enterprise South Nature Park or even go for a swim at the local YMCA.

Did you sprain your ankle during the Black Friday rush? Visit AFC Urgent Care Ooltewah to get an X-ray of your ankle and find out whether it’s broken or sprained so that the proper treatment plan can get you back on your feet.