When a Cough Gets the Best of Your Child | Ooltewah, TN Walk-In Clinic

AFC Urgent Care Ooltewah understands the way you feel when your child gets sick, especially when a cough is the symptom. Fortunately, there are some things you can try at home to help your child find relief.

Goodbye, Cough!

First, make sure your child is drinking enough liquids throughout the day to keep hydrated. While warm water can help soothe throat irritation and ease a cough, children, especially when young, will not be eager to drink it. Therefore, apple juice is fine, too. Is a sore throat making it hard to swallow? Sugar-free popsicles provide a fun alternative to liquids that will help hydrate your child.

Second, keep a humidifier around your child. You can place it in the playroom while he or she is awake, and, then, at night, have the humidifier on in the bedroom to help him or her sleep. The humidifier helps to keep the room your child is in from drying up, which allows his or her airway to stay lubricated and not dry. If you don’t have a humidifier, run some warm water in your bathroom to help build up steam and sit in the bathroom with your child so he or she can breathe in the steam for relief. This would be a perfect time to read a book or play a board game.

Is your child’s cough not going away, but it’s after standard business hours? Have no fear! At AFC Urgent Care Ooltewah, we’re open seven days a week, until 8 p.m. on weekdays and 5 p.m. on weekends. No appointment is necessary.